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Scientology/ridges and valences


GOUBER wrote at 2015-10-15 02:49:16
To the original poster: Why not keep it simple?

1. A ridge - point two garden hoses at each other turn the water on. The spray-back above those two would be similar to what a ridge is - like a floating cloud (except water falls, if you get my drift).

2. Valence: Let's say you were a high school teacher who dressed prim/proper, talked/acted prim/proper and likely carries a briefcase of papers....yada, yada, yada. But at night you let your hair down, so to speak. You were a stripper making money to go to Grad School. You wore a flimsy outfit, your language was "coarse" and you winked at customers as you held out the top of your panties for them to place money inside as you danced on a pole.

That said, you had two valences - one a teacher with all its agreed upon characteristics and qualities and one at night totally the opposite. Hence we all knowingly or unknowingly acquire many valences as we pass through our lives. Some we hang onto and others we drop.



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