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Dear Laurie what is yoyr stand about gambling,and its proffesions like ''i am a Professional gambler''or''i am a casino dealer''or i am a prostitute''are they producing something of worth?or what?i mean if somebody wants something and somebody is willing to give it to you than you do have an economy?or don't you?

Gambling implies something for nothing, which is a criminal form of exchange, and therefore not a pro-survival activity.

One should not necessarily equate or connect prostitution with gambling, I think, as the one does not imply the other.  That said, prostitution devalues the 2nd dynamic and is also not a pro-survival activity.  It at least involves an exchange of "value" for "value," but that does not make it virtuous.  The 2nd dynamic drive is about relationships rather than mere entertainment or simple sensation.  If it is the only outlet available, it is perhaps better than complete suppression of the 2nd dynamic drive - but probably not much better.


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