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Dear laurie in proplems of work,lrh said that durin the Depression era roosvelt gave Money to its people in the form of worthless jobs without meaning in order that they could buy what this great nation now could produce and that he had a great opportunity to make a great job ,but the jobs he gave had no Real meaning, purpose.The following statment with Capital i didnt really understood.ESPECIALLY IN THE JOBS OF THE PUPLIC SECTOR ONE MUST KNOWS SOMETHING ABOUT SCIENTOLOGY,BECAUSE THE JOBS OF THAT SECTOR MUST BE CREATED CONTINUALLY IN ORDER TO EXIST,does the same not apply to every job?

It's true that every job needs to be created in present time, but there's "job," as in the set of duties which pertain to a certain post, and then there's "job" as in the PURPOSE of that post.

"It is my job to arrange these papers" is a statement of duties.

"It is the job of the army to protect the nation" is a statement of purpose.

Ron is saying, (and more as a general complaint about the nature of the program than as a precise statement of fact about each and every job it created) that many or Roosevelt's WPA (Work Projects Administration) jobs were make-work.  This is to say, they were merely inventing tasks in order for people to have something to do, rather than looking at all of the needs of the nation and fulfilling these.  This was a common complaint of the time, that WPA work was sometimes work without purpose.  That was not strictly true, but it was close enough to truth to ring true.

And a job with no PURPOSE really has to be created moment-to-moment, because there is no accurate administrative scale from which its duties naturally flow.  (administrative scale, in order of declining scope:  Goals, Purposes, Policy, Plans, Projects, Orders, Ideal Scenes, Statistics, Valuable Final Products )

If one has valid Goals, Purposes, etc., the jobs very nearly create themselves, because they are a natural outgrowth of what needs to be done in order to achieve the goal.  When there IS no goal, no purpose to the work; when the "purpose" is the creation of work itself so that people have something to do, so that they can have some money in order to boost demand in the economy and so that they can eat, then workers almost have to invent some purpose for the work in their own minds, some "need" for it to be done, or they are just mechanistically going through the motions and have no sense of achievement, or of fulfillment.

That there was never any actual value or purpose for WPA jobs was not exactly true: but it was true enough often enough that it became a universal criticism of the work.

It can be seen that some of the work done needed to be done, and fulfilled a real purpose.  Some (like say a new park for a town that didn't really need one) were purely in order for men to have something to do, for which they could be paid.  Given that many of the jobs went to unskilled workers, the very nature of the work was almost dictated by the nature of the available work force.  If workers have no skills and you want to keep them busy, and their need for money/food/shelter is urgent, you almost HAVE to put them to work doing something, anything, whether it has any important overall purpose or not.


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