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when a thetan steps out of the body he is met by several ridges what is mean't by ridges?  and what in it's whole scientology descriptive sense is meant by valences?

Ridges in the Tech Dictionary (red hard back dictionary for their mainline spiritual practices):

"...suspended engergy in space...."

It is supposedly produced priorly by the thetan, due to some sort of collision of "flows" (flows of energy that the thetan or other thetans put out).   It is supposedly all created by the thetan or other thetans.

In the situation of our "cases" in our minds, we have these collision incidents, that form the energy that are our "whole track" of mental garbage that sticks with us mentally, supposedly, lifetime after lifetime, and for which the Hubbard spiritual therapy is to release and "as is" (vanish) the harmful "charge" of this energy piling up.

Ridges are just piled up energy that's supposedly a read thing.  In the definitions of Ridge, it also says ridges form the foundation on which mental pictures can attach themselves, so by extrapolation when a thetan hits those ridges around the body, they will also be consumed with mental pictures that are also attached to those ridges.   

This book you are quoting gives supposedly the basis for why those processes will eliminate the ridges and case the person has, so they as a thetan can supposedly fly out of their skulls and NOT be bounced back by the ridges and mental pictures attached to the ridges (our case).   It's never been successfully accomplished.  

So, your quote, means that if the thetan (Soul) pops out of the skull and tries to move around like a pure soul flying around, the soul (thetan) is supposedly gonna bump into these piled up ridges of energy that keep it from going on out and fly around like you'd expect to be able to do.

The long range problem with Scientology, is that NO Scientologist can fly out of their heads like pure souls, none do it.   Hubbard couldn't do it.   Hubbard admitted he failed, in the last pages of Lawrence Wright's book!  


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