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Dear Laurie there are some major misinformation that we inherited from our Educational systems and general upbringings regarding this crucial data of life,the BE DO HAVE,so i would to get some more clarity on this subject cause i think it will help not only me but a lot of people who read this.All my life i heard from my teachers and Society in General,(you have to MAKE some Money)while knowing the right sequence what the were telling us was the have/create it was working in the mint or treasury or by a major banking operation that actually creates Money.In the other side of the scale by a low condition regarding Society one in treason could counterfeit Money notes.So to make it more clear A)One wants to BE famous but they dont really make it specific,they say aah i want to be famous one day.B)i want to be a millionaire have 100 million dollars.What should those people get understandin of regarding the be to have concept?

The root concept here is be, do, have.

You have be in order to do, and you have to do in order to have (create).

Every child, by about age eight, taking their environment into account, has figured out what effect/product they want to create in the world.  They may not fully realize what one must do to create that, or who/what one must be in order to do the things necessary to create that effect/product, but they do have a purpose, however poorly articulated, in mind.

What society and education fail to do is to tease out that purpose, and begin to equip the child to have the skills necessary to fully realize that purpose.

And what nearly everyone fails to realize is that you work it backwards.  Figure out what you want to create, figure out what you must do to create that, figure out what beingness you must assume in order to perform the actions which create the effect/product.

THEN, having done these things, you are who you want to be, you are doing what you want to do, and you are creating an effect or a product which has a value, and that value can be traded for support, for money, for whatever it is one needs to keep body and soul together.


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