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he has decimated the entire managment strata of the church and is sole in charge of rtc ias csa whatever they are  why hasn't that bastard got his comeuppance yet  have you ever met the guy yourself have you ever met hubbard why is scientology allowing one man to run the show   is it true what marty rathborn said that miscavige use to use his trained dog to spot the suppressive on the sea org ship freewinds   i bet you know many stories ......

I was a whole echelon below Marty, but I read a lot of Hubbard's private writings and Hubbard's other writings which lay out at least what Hubbard appears to pretend to stand for.

Hubbard didn't act as he pretended to act.

The major problem is Hubbard, he is not he man and great person he pretended.

The whole organizational writings of his are therefor just hype.   A lot of hopeful hype, and hype that Hubbard didn't even meet.

No OT super-Scientologists, and Hubbard himself was no OT.

Auditing can be harmful, people imagine false memories of past lives and past harmful incidents that never happened.

Exorcism of body thetans that don't even exist, like it is evil Santa Claus - ism.

It's a major false belief and false pseudo quack crank therapy and imaginary exorcism practice.

The management is also just full of hypocrasy, and anyone trying to rule over even Hubbard's bad hypocrasy is going to always end up in trouble, and a bad leader, or a leader that acts like Hubbard acted privately, which is what Miscavige is doing, he's just acting outrageously bad mannered and cruel to top staff, just like Hubbard did the same.

So, there's nothing good in the end, in Scientology, you should be reading elsewhere and read the traditional greater wiser writers in human history.

Miscavige is a high school dropout, and Hubbard a college dropout, and Hubbard's papers and writings are not even college graduate level in terms of writing quality for truth and citing past writers for the ideas that Hubbard is spreading.  


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