tell me something i understand at the point of death a separation occurs when the thetan is parted from his body ...i have heard many stories even when lrh died at an operating table and exteriorized from his body and went for scutle hovering around the roof of a hospital just moving around through consideration. the thetan has no motion yet he would need to move and hover to get to another place or else it is entirely impossible what you say is a little different?  please explain val

The thetan is not a physical object or thing.  It HAS NO POSITION.  It is not part of, or related to, the physical universe.  It cannot "move," because it is never in any "place."

What happens is, a thetan is able to perceive the physical universe.  It is able to select a point from which it conceives of itself to be perceiving the physical universe.  This is its "point of view."

A thetan may change points of view - that is, pick different perspectives from which it is perceiving the physical universe.

By assuming a point of view, the thetan creates the illusion that IT, ITSELF, is in that location.  This is not true, but merely an apparency.  The vast majority of thetans associated with the universe have bought into the lie that they are located somewhere within it.  Further, they buy into the even bigger lie that they cannot control where they are located.  When they associate with a body in order to animate it and operate through it, they generally assume a viewpoint which is the same as the location of the body - or right behind its eyes.  And they convince themselves that they images captured by the eyes of the body are the only visual input available to them.

When a body dies, the thetan does not move somewhere else.  It merely ceases to be associated with the body, and loses the illusion that it is trapped in that body.  It may (in most cases will) continue to conform to the IDEA that it is located within the physical universe and may seem to "move away" (ie adopt a different point of view) from the body.  But any idea of a thetan having position or motion relative to the physical universe is a LIE.  One of the chief gains of becoming OT is to become free of that lie.


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