Dear Laurie i am strugling a little when considering First Dynamic with the condition of no existance.<find a Line of Communication>with whom?make your self know.To WHO?to myself?I mean its easy to regard that a drug addict is in enemy regarding his Health,or when i see someones beat up dirty Car i could say that he is a liability regarding his stuff.But especialy with the non existance formula i strugle with.Your must needed help please.

The first dynamic is defined as "the urge toward survival as self."

The elements of survival as self in the physical universe would include the body and the immediate MEST items concerned with its protection, enhancement and maintenance - the items immediately concerned with its survival.

You are you - a thetan.  The body is the body.  Your food, room, tooth brush, clothing, etc. are immediately related to the survival of the body.

The BEST way to "establish a comm line" would probably be to have someone else run "hello and OK" between you and body parts, and the entire body itself, and on your first-dynamic things, plus run reach and withdraw for you on the body and on your first dynamic things.  Have someone run a locational process on you.

In finding "what's needed and wanted," you would seek to find out what items must be present, and what actions must be done, in order for the body to survive and survive well, and in order for your own urge and abilities toward personal survival to not only continue, but to be enhanced.  Then "do, produce and/or present" those things.

If you have no one else to work with, you might establish a comm line between yourself and your body by going around and looking at, noticing and touching things, and taking specific note of what the sensory input is, and how you are telling the body what to do, and how it is providing sensory input back to you in response.  These are communications, traveling on a communication line.  Note how what you intend is communicated to the body, and the body does it.  This is a communication line.  Notice how the body tells you how it feels, whether it is hungry, tired, has pains, is full of energy and seeking activity, etc.  This is a communication line.  Breathing deeply, opening and closing the eyes, humming to one's self, touching one's own face, smelling one's hair, hands, etc., noticing the communication of the intent to the body and the sensory feedback from it, all can help to "find" the communication lines that exist.  Look at the body in the mirror and note its parts and what sort of shape they are in, whether any of then need any care or repair.  Be attentive to what your body is telling you it needs.

Picking up and feeling, inspecting, weighing in the hand, reaching out and touching, shaking and listening to, etc., one's personal care and survival items, can help one to establish what it means to "communicate" with them.

If there are any other Scientologists around, you should try to get someone to do hello and ok, reach and withdraw, and locationals on you so that you are not being introverted, but merely using these to locate and use lines of communication between yourself and the elements of your first dynamic in the world.


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