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Scientology/miscavige and the ias


the money that is ias may i ask where that goes and is david miscavige a suppressive?   please advise  dillon

Hi, Val. Who knows precisely where IAS funding gets ultimately deposited. It's my understanding that Miscavige has decimated the entire International Management Strata of the Church, and is the sole person in-control of the whole show...RTC, IAS, CSI, CST and SO. As to whether he's 'suppressive'...I think extremely obvious. My advice? Steer clear of the Church. Read LRH books published before 1982, and source-out Independent Scientologists in your area if you're interested in studying the subject. Cheers! - orbal1


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I can answer technical, administrative, organizational, spiritual and Church policy questions and Scientological viewpoints - based upon my 10 years 'in' The Church. I'm a Class IV auditor (pastoral counselor), and though I'm no longer in 'lock-step' agreement with current Church management, I still very much consider myself an adherent to the applied religious philosophy of Scientology as researched, codified and presented to the world by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard Senior.


A formal (now former) member of the 'corporate' Church Of Scientology® (this lifetime) for 10 years - from 1985 to 1995. Academy-trained to Class IV/HAA (Hubbard Advanced Auditor) pastoral counseling level. Have been audited (counseled) up through a Scientology Drug Rundown™ and False Purpose Rundown™ (FPRD) Basic Form releases. Have administratively been trained up through Staff Status II (SSII) and satisfactorily completed a contracted two-and-a-half-year staff covenant - working in a Scientology Mission handling promotions, marketing and advertising. Have participated in Scientology in California, Washington state, and Japan - and have completed extensive, sensitive/confidential volunteer work for the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) and Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). Have Founding Member and Lifetime Member Status in the International Association of Scientologists (IAS).

High school diploma. AA Art. BS Graphic Design. HAA (Hubbard Advanced Auditor).

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