hello laurie   your help is very say thetans are static and move from one point to another point by consideration
....i like to share what happened to me many years ago ....i was on the recieving end of paranormal occurances   real ghostly happenings   lrh did say in the phenomena of death essay that a thetan is capable of anything as long as it is within it's ability to execute ...i lived in a haunted environment and what began as frequent knocking sounds and doors strangely opening soon changed to acceleration as coming from a very malevalont and hateful ghost i was constantly slapped and kicked in the face banging sounds from all 4 walls of my bedroom doors opening and shutting all of the time and more then anything something or someone i know to be disembodied kept on taking my bed blanket of me that is all motion isn't it?  i mean things like that does not happen through consideration alone  your answer is very important   dillon

Well, EVERYTHING, basically, happens through consideration alone.

If you move a bowl on a table, it's because you considered it.

If an aberrated being is SO messed up that they can accumulate sufficient mass about them to physically "manifest" to living people, they can do the sorts of things you describe.  But the movements and impacts of their physical manifestations come first and foremost from their considerations.  The motions described are not motions of theta.  They are motions of matter - and the matter is animated by theta, driven by its considerations.

The problem the "ghost" has is that it is CONVINCED it is "located" near, in contact with, or within the mass it has accumulated.  It probably considers that it IS the mass.  And it moves the mass like a body.  If it could let go, it suddenly would not be "located" where the mass was, and the mass would dissipate.


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