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do dogs and cats have the same thetan that animates us or a lesser kind that will evolve one day to become like us?And do extraterrestials have a thetan that animates them?

Thetans do not evolve.  They are what they are at the moment of inception, and remain so forever.  

Animals obviously are animated by theta.  Whether they are "little" thetans, "degraded" thetans, or merely thetans who are taking a vacation from the stresses of human life is anyone's guess.  My perceptions have seemed to support the first of these options - that they are low-horsepower (pardon the pun) beings whose "amount" of theta is appropriate to managing an animal body.

Everything that is alive is animated by theta.  Anything of human intelligence or similar, I would think would be animated by a thetan indistinguishable from you or me.


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