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does reading aloud  contribute to better speaking and writing also?   val

I don't know.

For me, not.

But speaking to others might!   Meaning if you are reading and listening to good writing, and then you have plenty of opportunities to speak on your own, speak to others just in daily life due to your job, or your everyday interactions where you have to speak and say things, I imagine that having opportunities where you actually then speak and say things helps you see for yourself that you speak better when you are called upon to speak and say things.

So, if you have opportunities to speak, regularly, that I imagine will help.   Just talking to someone else, expressing what you are thinking, helps you see for yourself that your ability to use words is improving, proves to yourself that you CAN speak and communicate with words better.

Sort of the proof of the pudding, to yourself.  

Speaking outloud, just reading good writings, maybe not so much as just freely speaking what you are thinking and taking note to yourself that you see yourself speaking better in life.

I've always had jobs, salesman, meter inspector, in the last 10 years, where I have to have short conversations with 20-30 strangers daily, and I chit chat about all sorts of minor things, and have noticed my ability to speak has improved.

I guess only from that experience, would I say that talking to people, during your job, you will notice your ability to speak well improving.


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