does reading improve in your opinion to speak aswell as write  what is your opinion on that  and does tr abjectives improve case gains like hubbard says it does  please advise val

Yes, I think reading greatly improves a person's ability to write.

By reading good writing, you learn how to string words together in ways to better express and more completely express things.

You learn how other people have expressed their feelings, and learning how to express your own variation of feelings, helps satisfy yourself that you have been understood for how you uniquely feel.

It is best to read the best, the "classic" writers, many or all of the writers that have been in books that we studied in school, in English class, the classical writers, they have written almost all of the variations of human controversies and expressed the feelings already very well.

Reading just fiction written by great writers is helpful to see how they expressed those human controversies and feelings.   

Back to Scientology and Hubbard, by reading the other even better writers in history describe the human issues in their fiction books, you learn how to better express those same issues.

Hubbard and Scientology don't even delve into so many detailed emotions and important human descriptions of people and life, and sticking or getting stuck in Hubbard's Scientology ideas blots out learning the great writing of the other classic great writers in human history.

You can also listen to the great writers, choose many of the classic literature books and Shakespeare on a site called Libravox.

Like if you wished to listen to "Moby Dick", you can listen to people reading it.

I was interested in hearing and reading what Voltaire wrote, so listened to one of his great short novels, a comedy, and it was so much better written than anything Hubbard ever wrote.

When you read the classic literature, you see how limited and shallow Hubbard's writing is.

Objectives I did several times.

The second time I thought I got "more out of them."

But compared to just reading, listening to intelligent people describe things, I learned far more and felt better in touch with life, by reading and listening to smarter people, which is simply really just continuing to educated oneself about life.

Scientology pretends to help a person achieve some kind of wisdom.

A person learns so much more if they read good books, and listen to good speaking of others.

And it is pretty easy today to use the internet to find good writing and good speech and talk from smarter wiser people who know history and the various human subjects that compartment all the learning and smart thinking in human history.  

Here's the link to LibriVox, a huge bunch of classic writers' writings being read by regular people today, all free in the public domain:  


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