chuck some books are in cd aswell so you can listen to the story telling do you in your own opinion to find this equally affective as much as reading the book for better speaking?

Sometimes I like hearing the story so I sit back and just listen.

You will notice your speaking improving by watching how others listen to you.   You will notice that people when they listen to you will notice that you used some new word to better describe yourself, and they will be impressed or react in a positive way to you.

The easier you speak about things when you talk, others will notice you speaking better and more efficiently and they will be more interested, so long as you don't say too many words they don't understand.

But to increase your vocabulary, I find listening to audio is very important, because you can then see the correct pronunciations of words.

Over time, reading and listening to good writers and speakers, you see how words more satisfactorily describe life in simpler and more accurate fashion.

Which today, I now think had I spent more time reading and hearing good speakers earlier in my life, I'd understand in general more about life.    And that good literature is valuable and way more valuable that the trick "tech" in Scientology.   Because my communication ability increased mostly by increasing my use of words accurately, which I've learned more since leaving Scientology.

Listening is plenty good, if you favor listening to audio.   I stop the audio to look up places on Google Maps, I stop the audio to look up people and names of things and any other key words I need to understand.    I use my Ipad Mini as mainly the dictionary and device to look up things, while I use the internet audio stuff and sites to listen to things.   I run speakers off my desktop, not just the little side speakers, but I run wire to speakers in other rooms in my apartment so I can go on the internet, listen to an audio link in any room im my apartment off the desktop.   

Reading I read mainly on the Ereader, I use the "Nook" Ereader.

Sometimes I'll plug my Iphone into a speaker system, because you can do EVERYTHING on an Iphone or smartphone, and just use the earphones jack to connect to the external speakers and then place audio onto some external speakers so it's loud enough.

some people just use their smartphones, and do everything off them.   I have unlimited talk and text, and I listen and watch a lot on my Iphone but I'm always way under on my data use plan.

You could do it all with just an Iphone/smartphone and a set of external speakers!

You can read downloaded books on your Iphone, and play links to all the free audio books.  and you can do all this from your desktop also.



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