does reading help one to be a better speaker aswell as a writer that was the other question  i understand mixing with the native speaker aswell as listening to radio shows and practicing speaking well improves alot.... does reading also contribute significantly aswell  and how much excess amounts in hours of reading would i need to read per week to accomplish this chuck ......val

Reading always helps, since as you read, you will notice yourself understanding more and more.

I estimate years.

People who graduate college are not as well spoken as they are years later, after college, so long as they keep up reading and listening to intelligent well spoken speakers.

I find listening to good internet radio intellectual discussions that at first you may not understand, that as the years go on, reading, and looking up things that you are curious about and which interest you, your vocabulary increases automatically, you then are able to read faster, it all snowballs.

Me, I'd say I really started to get "smarter" meaning just bigger vocabulary, after 5-8 years after leaving Scientology entirely.

I read a lot daily, I subscribe to the NY Times, I enjoy well written magazines, I used to subscribe to The New Yorker,The New Republic, Harpers, Atlantic Monthly, and I today just subscribe to the New York Times and The New York Review of Books (it's my favorite separate magazine).

I read the NY Times on my Iphone, and look up things on my desktop computer when I don't understand something in the NY Times, mainly.

I love Wikipedia.

But, years, I'd say 5-10 years, of reading good writing from journalists, and if you like good books, I'm right now reading "The Brothers Karamazov" by Fyoder Doveskoyevski and I'm reading "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy, two really excellent books, that have just phenomenal writing by those two authors.

Reading well written fiction, helps you see how to make good sentences and describe things, and it's a joy to read.

Reading, even before and all through my Scientology years, if you read good writing, it's a pleasure and it is noticeable.

It takes years I'd estimate, to get to the point of writings well, after years of reading good writing and listening to it also.

Librivox has free audio books, where I'm right now listening to the classic books.   Like "Mody Dick", and right now "The Brothers Karamazov".    

I listened to Voltaire's story, "Candide" a very funny story, on Librivox also, very enjoyable to listen to good writing.

Also, I read just for pleasure, and have found that the great novels in history are a pleasure to read!

If you enjoy doing it, you'll become hooked on good speaking from good written books!   The readers who read the books on Librivox are okay, not professional, but ordinary people who donate their time to read the classic books.

Use this link, then type in the name of an author or book to download the file where someone reads that book, chapter by chapter.

I used the internet to find something interesting to read, and the classic old books, are all in the public domain, and free to download and also more than I can ever read are free to listen to on Librivox.



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