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what do you make of the student hat course  does the tech it provides help me to approach my study well enough to put it into application   what do you say?   dillon

Dear Val,

It is better to read good classic books, and just look up any words you need to, but NOT become a slave to Hubbard's Student Hat procedures.

For instance, Hubbard says you have to carefully clear up ALL definitions.   That is absurd.

Study based on your curiosity, totally study what you wish to learn and enjoy!

Study based on your curiosity and what you want to learn!   And read and clear up ideas on the internet.

I use Wikipedia every day, at least 2-5 times, I just read what I want to understand!

Read and clear up the things you wish to understand, for your benefit!   Things you are interested in!

Don't just clear up everything, and get onto word chains clearing up things that you have no interest in.

Hubbard's study tech ideas on mass have become outdated.   Today you can look up videos on YouTube of anything you wish to get mass on!

You can use Wikipedia and then YouTube to learn things 10 times faster.

How I study today, I look up works on the internet, mainly by looking big ideas up on Wikipedia.

And there are thousands of lectures on subjects on YouTube today.   There are thousands of free lectures at college level on YouTube.

My interest is Philosophy, and on ITumes, there is the "History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps" which is a couple hundred 20 minute very simple excellent lectures covering the history of philosophy, and I have listened to the first 40 or so lectures.

One thing about using the Internet, and watching YouTube videos, is you can replay the video over and over, and re-listen to the ideas over and over.

As much as you want and enjoy!

Skip the Student Hat completely.

Just use the internet to study what you want, and to look up things, using Google search, that is how I study today.

I refuse to use ANY of the Hubbard "study tech" procedures today.   

Curiosity, and your own desire to learn what you wish to learn, is more important than anything Hubbard said.



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