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Dear laurie could we say that the valuable products in a couple in relationship are their goals and purposes and the Children?and generaly speaking that the attributes of the woman would be her female caracteristics plus her personality and her vulnerability and generosity and that those are her posts products?and the post of the man is being a man and his masculine attributes and his Protection and bravery and etcetra are his priducts in the relationship?

The administrative scale has goals and purposes at one end, and valuable final products at the other.  So, these obviously have to be related, but they cannot be the same thing.  A goal is never a product.  It is an overarching reason to produce products.

Happy, healthy, capable and productive children would be one valuable final product of a 2nd dynamic.  The Goal or Purpose toward which such a product would contribute would be "continuation of species" or something similar.

The goals of a 2nd dynamic altogether would depend on the goals of its members.  A husband and wife might have differing goals (he to increase man's survival potential through astrophysics, and she to increase the theta of humankind through the production of song and art, perhaps) and then their purposes would be to do the things which create good conditions for themselves and their spouse to pursue their goals - through earning income, planning home activities, raising children and keeping them safe, comforting each other, making space in the life of each to demonstrate support for the other's goals, etc.  Depending on the specific ways in which they agreed between them to support each other's goals, specific plans, programs and individual activities would be decided on, and these could be staticized.


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