chuck tell me something this is in reference to the present time situation i am suffering from  with those drug dealers next door ...i could leave and move to another property but i love my home and i have been living in the same area for the last 40 years   is there something fixated and  abberated about this condition or is it natural to move to another area and getting adjusted   tell me your views chuck  val

Dear Val,

Here where I live in Pittsburgh, the police appreciate tips on illegal activity.

I've been living in an area where my neighbor a few years back told me that neighbors near to us were raided, in fact my neighbor called the police, they did the surveillance, and a SWAT team came, did an early morning raid of the drug dealers.   

I watched the end of the raid from my window, and commented to my neighbor next time I saw him, and he said he had been complaining for months about the dealers next door to the police, and that is why the SWAT raid eventually happened.  

So, I observred, and confirmed, that a neighbor calling the cops, I guess over months, finally resulted in a full blown raid, SWAT truck, police in riot gear like commandos and all, I saw them after the raid getting back into their truck, I heard the "flash bang" grenade go off and that's when I started watching from my window, the actual raid.

Okay, so maybe it takes weeks or months for the same to happen in Birmingham, but if you feel safe enough that you will not be retaliated from the dealers, if you contact the police, and just let the police do their normal procedures.   


In Scientology history, when Jeff Hawkins told me on the phone of the beatings he received from David Miscavige, I was so upset I called the Riverside County Police, two times, and spoke to officers.

I mean it is the police's job to deal with the more dangerous and threatening people who are doing felonies and if you are scared due to any retaliation, then tell the police that as well, and from whom.   There are ways to do all this without making this a threat to you, and the police will tell you how to inform to them, in a way, I'm sure, that puts you least at risk.



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