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It's been said that Scientology's closest relative is Buddhism. May I ask why this comparison is made?

I studied meditation for a long time, which is somewhat related to Buddhism, but it was a dead end. As you well know, the mind can interfere with everything in your life. Meditation being no exception. I do feel like there is some truth to the idea of being in the moment ans experiencing life for what it is now rather than what it was or what it will be. Please share your thoughts.

Buddhism and Scientology have a number of things in common:

1)  The idea that theta/spirit is the senior value that monitors both form and function, and that the physical universe is secondary

2)  The idea that one lives successive lives unless/until one becomes sufficiently aware to self-determinedly break the cycle

3)  A code of ethics based upon seeking optimum survival rather than arbitrary rules

4)  An idea of operating exterior to the body

5)  A senior-most goal of spiritual enlightenment

6)  The principle that one progresses through one's own experience and perception rather than through following rules to obtain the approval of others

7)  The primacy of personal integrity

8)  Recognition of the fact that what one does is senior to, and of greater value than, what happens to one

9)  An aim to experience love/ARC for all, despite any reasons why not

10) Realization that truth and happiness lie within

11) Recognition of the importance of work and contribution


Fumio Sawada, the eighth "holder of the secrets" of yu-itsu Shinto (a Buddhistic Shinto sect) wrote of the similarities: and I suggest you read that carefully.

So did Religious scholar Bryan Wilson - (comparison to Buddhism begins on page 40 of this treatise)

The methodologies of Scientology and Buddhism are, of course, completely different.  But the theoretical underpinnings are similar.


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