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Scientology/what classics do u recomend?


i once sent you an email about questions on how i will improve speaking and writing and one of the things you recommended was to read some of the classical novels aswell as newspapers and magazines.listening speaking writing are all the essentials ... so can i ask you just briefly what are the names of the novels the very classical types do you recommend ,give me at least 20 titles...  thanks chuck

I'm reading Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, and it is my favorite.

"Candide" by Voltaire is a second example of incredibly much better writing and ideas compared to anything Hubbard ever wrote.  

But to me, Tolstoy is my favorite clear writer of all time.

You can go onto this site just below, and play audio of someone reading Tolstoy.

I'm only partially through Tolstoy's book  "Anna Karenina", it is very rich reading.

I finished my other all time favorite writer Voltaire, listening to speakers read his story called "Candide" which is a satire funny story.

These two are my all time favorite authors at the present, Tolstoy and Voltaire.   

Just surf Librivox using these links above, to go to other classical writers.

One way to speed up your vocabulary building is listen to good conversations.

This next site below has lots of contemporary well spoken speakers who have one on one conversations in everyday speech:

And finally, a last choice to listen to, to hear great current conversations and analysis that I like, I listen to "Gabfest" by Slate, just google it to play it.  


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