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hello chuck just to update you on my situation with those drug dealers  2 of them next door to me john and leanne.john has been arrested for possessing heroine with intent to supply and the police caught him red handed and he faces court action with a minimum of 5 years in prison. his girl friend leanne is also doing it aswell it is her flat you think the housing council will evict him   do you think both will now be evicted for good after all there have been many complaints in the past about them  please advise chuck you're the best

HI Val,

I'm not sure,I don't follow the laws where you live.

People have rights to life despite their personnel problems, like addition is their problem, but addition doesn't automatically deprive them of all of their rights to life.

So, complaints that actually are actionable is the question, and I don't know.   

Police and prosecutors of crime need actionable complaint material, so people could be prosecuted.

But the complaints might not be actionable.

Best to simply ask the police.   Or call the police, tell the situation, ask them the same question.   

Or call the prosecutor's office.

Or call the housing authority.

Sometimes drug convictions then prevent a person from qualifying to live in certain public housing.

I don't know what kind of housing this is.   I imagine there are rules that a person CANNOT be deprived of finding and living in some housing.   Even if their conviction for crimes might prevent them from living in public housing, they still cannot legally be prevented from renting some housing, that would be extreme, and drive them to inhumane living circumstances, like turn them into homeless people, which isn't the best.

I've seen drug addicts move into homes where they live communally,and while living there, they have to follow the house rules, and be clean of drugs or alcohol.



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