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Hello Laurie, I had a few question about human death. I had the thought that a human's "death" isn't when it separates from a body but when it forgets and loses its body so I had a couple of questions:

1. Why does a thetan tend to have a loss of memory after the death of the body?

2. What is the mechanics of the loss of identity?

3. How can on prevent that?

Thank You

It strikes me that enforced amnesia and loss of identity concomitant with body death is an excellent control mechanism, as it makes being afraid of death.  If people retained identity and easily/routinely remembered prior lives, they would not fear death, and would be much harder to control.  Therefore, it occurs to me that someone long ago set this up as a way to control thetans.

HOWEVER - I don't know who, and I don't know when.

Back in 1986, shortly after Ron passed, an event was held wherein it was discussed (among other things) what sorts of things might be addressed in the OT levels which he had researched prior to his passing, and for which he had established the criteria for release.  That is to say, he left instructions that OT 9 would not be released until certain Scientology and planetary conditions were met (like 10,000 people actively enrolled on OT 6, or whatever).  At that meeting, it was mentioned that either on OT 8 or on OT 9, a person would learn the reason for between-lives amnesia.  I no longer remember which level it was on.  It was a long time ago.

Now I'm only OT 5, so I don't know what's on either level, and I don't know what the reason for between-lives amnesia is.  If this is covered on OT 8, there are people who know, but until/unless you do OT 8, no one will tell you.

Your questions:

1. My opinion is that this is a control mechanism - to make it more possible to control thetans.

2.  I don't know.

3.  Go up the Bridge.


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