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chuck i do abit of film script writing but some of the times my mind just goes blank i remember then i forget and then it comes back to me an hour later like my i.q. goes down by 20 percent and i almost feel abit like a moron i am wondering chuck as you sound pretty intellectual yourself do you feel at times your potential to be 75 percent and then some of the days to be 90 percent does your mind go a litte blank like mine and is there an answer for it please reply  thankyou you're the best  val

Hi Val,

I had a stroke 4 months ago.   I'm slowly seeing my memory and ability to multi task is slightly lower, is all, from my stroke.

Not enough to scare me that I'm losing any mental abilities, but I do notice only, since I am 62, had a stroke when I was 61, four months ago, that I am "getting old."

But your fears, to me, are beyond my ability to know the "answer", when actually it might be just your not being more educated in those fields that you think you are not 100% in.   Just put more attention on them.

Your question about your mental capacity, is beyond my zone of expertise.

I believe that as one grows older, one inevitably becomes more wiser, so long as one continues to read, listen to good speakers, and especially if you read good writing.

I love the NY Times, in general, and my favorite "intellectual" magazine is the New York Review of Books magazine.   

I've increased my vocabulary simply by reading the NY Times and the NY Review of Books, and learned to understand more intellectual discussions.

I like Slate "Gabfest" radio.

I like WNYC radio station online, and I like the Brian Lehrer Show and the Leonard Lopate shows, both have really good discussions, both hosts are smart men.

Slate Gabfest I like a lot, they are very smart hosts, they have 3 hosts who talk back and forth about latest in the news.

I used good internet radio stations.

I like the Council of Foreign Relations radio podcast weekly called the "The World Next Week", good discussion between two hosts.

I like 3 radio/TV stations for news, online, "Deutsche Welle", "French 24", and Radio 4 BBC.

Those three are good for well spoken news analysis, you learn how smarter people speak clearly, better in my opinion of their world coverage of news around the world.  

I don't use American TV, I don't subscribe to cable, I like international news from the German (Deutsche Welle) and French 24 news TV on the internet, all in English.   BBC Radio 4 has tons of excellent weekly radio smart shows.

Good input of smart people, is the best, I think, to keep your mind sharp and uptodate of what is going on in the world.



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