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chuck is there anything adverse about a mind that is occluded and by far  that 25 percent of that which is learned by the student just dissipates out of memory and forgotten or some info remembered afterwards   can you respond with hubbards own view about that type of case  before you come to your judgement as i respect your judgmemnt even more now val

Hubbard's ideas are that we are a soul, and we assume a body near birth.  

Our mind, we bring with us.

Hubbard would say our trillions of years of memories are occluded, but some of those memories, engrams, still affect us.    

Hubbard would say as humans, we are also full of body thetans, and the occluded minds of the body thetans leak also into our own minds and cause us adverse "case".

Scientology would say do the Bridge, erase the engrams, go Clear, and then exorcise all the body thetans off of your own body, and that will eliminate the occluded bad memories of your own and plus eliminate the leaked bad memories of the body thetans that hitchhike on your body until you do OT levels 3, 4, 5 6 and 7 and exorcise those body thetans.

But likely what is "real" to you, per Hubbard, is at best your this lifetime engrams and locks and secondaries, and Scientology tries with the lower grades to handle your locks and secondaries, and then your engrams on New Era Dianetics.  

Then handle your body thetans and their bad memories, on the OT levels 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7

Now, if you wish to try to "handle" your own case by yourself, through just study, Hubbard says you can make some progress, just by understanding these parts of the mind that occlude you.

Whole track, past lives, engrams need "digging up", with auditor help.

OT 5 is the biggest body thetan removal level, and it requires an auditor to help.

OT 3 and 7 are solo auditing of body thetans.

I don't think ANY of the Hubbard auditing or exorcism does anything, I think it is all in people's imagination, it's fiction, what they create in session of their imaginary past lives engrams, and their body thetans are all made up evil Santa Clauses, just all made up.

Hubbard's whole lineup, today, I believe is imaginary crank pseudo therapy, and not worth spending one's time learning or doing.


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