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Hey Laurie,

One thing I've always wondered is "what is the purpose of self-betterment in an eternal existence?". I don't view eternity as accurately as you probably do but I guess I have a curiosity about it. My question is pretty simple but may be judged as negative so please don't think I'm trying to shake your confidence. I simply have a pessimistic outlook on the subject of truth.

What inspires you to pursue self-betterment with the kind of conviction that you have in spite of the fact that all can be lost again? You are quite an intelligent being and I admire how you seem to not only answer our questions but put them into perspective too.

If we are eternal beings, and lost our power at some point due to whatever circumstances , who's to say that wouldn't happen again? I mean, looking at life in a linear way:

An all powerful being loses his power, learns Scientology, and all of a sudden becomes even more powerful than he was before he lost it, doesn't that seem illogical? Wouldn't the progress towards a once all-powerful state cease when one reaches that same level of power? That same level of power one was at when one lost it all? Please share your thoughts with me.

Hubbard's greatest ability was probably his ability to make complex subjects easily understood. I'm just wondering why it matters in light of eternity.

Thetans were originally very powerful, but ignorant/innocent at the same time.  That's how they made the mistakes that got them into the soup.  Various of these mistakes made things worse by cutting the thetan off from memory and awareness of events that led to the current state of not-know-ness.

The learning mechanism of theta is to repeatedly engage and disengage with MEST.  This assumes the ability to remember and learn from periods of engagement.  When the force involved in the impact with MEST is too great, the event becomes occluded.

If you add Scientology, enhancing self-knowledge and memory of one's experiences to the mix, you greatly reduce (not to say eliminate) the chances of being re-entrapped.

The idea behind Scientology is to arm theta with self-knowledge, and with "armor" against overwhelm so that the entrapment cycle doesn't keep happening.  I pursue it for enlightenment.  Permanent enlightenment.

And, no, there's nothing in Scientology that would make a person MORE powerful than they were - just less vulnerable.


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