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chuck  hubbards concept about thought emotion and effort does it really work in the real world?  val

Good question.

I'm not one to ask this question to, I'm not college educated and further educated enough.

In the "new age" philosophy age, people have in their minds ideas which they cling to, and then filter all outside writings into some principles which to them, "work!"

This could be said of most of L. Ron Hubbard's writings, meaning even "new age" philosopher types who are NOT real deep like the college level stuff one learns, I mean the last 40 years of "new age" junk, yes, in that field Hubbard's stuff will "work" if you are inclined for that level of simplicity.

People who are not Scientologists, but "new agey", have found things like this principle you speak about, would make sense.

To me it is all balderdash, and not worth putting mental effort into schemes though, and this never seemed even useful or something that suited me, so I never believed it personally.

It's a waste of where to put my attention in life, these relations like thought emotion effort.

Why not learn a job you like, do it,survive, and enjoy your hobbies and family, etc, etc, whatever you like to do on your dynamics!

If playing with concepts is your hobby, then be sure to read the serious philosophers and psychology people in history.   Hubbard was NOT one of those!


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