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I had the following questions about time.

1. Is Time travel possible?

2. If I understand the axioms correctly, change is the major characteristic of time which means that it seems unlikely for something to change back... However I have heard some philosophers, speculating that time isn't linear but that it is possible that events are being created simultaneously. Therefore, that may mean that someone/something is creating Ancient Rome and Julius Ceasar at the same time as they are creating this moment right now?

Is this a valid concept or is Time linear or does it move in some other manner?

3. Can someone visit another persons time track? For example, it is the the year 1000 B.C. and I am a barbarian in Spain on my track, could I somehow visit another person's time track to fully experience India or China in 1000 B.C.?

Thank you as always for your time, I always value your answers.

It would appear that PHYSICAL time travel would not be possible per the rules of the physical universe - that is to say you could not physically interact with a point in time which does not agree with the "time-signature" of your own body.

Change is, indeed, the hallmark of time.  As a thing cannot be in two states at one time, then change would cement the new position in time of a thing.  And change is constant.  If nothing else, the matter in the physical universe is in a state of continual expansion.  In order for an object to persist, is must not only have "been" at the point of the universe's expansion a microsecond ago, but it must also "be" at the point of the universe's expansion in this present instant as well, which means it exists in a new position relative to all other matter in the universe, which is change, which is time.

"Change back" would still be change = persistence = time.   "Un-change" theoretically would cancel change - but the ABSENCE of change is as-is-ness, which results, not in time travel, but in no-time, ie non-persistence, ie vanishment.

However, theta is without mass, motion, wavelength or location in time or space.  It is possible to have a point of view as a thetan that does not respect the location in time of the body.


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