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Hey Laurie,

It looks like science is finally starting to catch up to Ron Hubbard's theories. Today I read an article that said that there is a new theory in physics which states that this universe should not exist. That right after the big bang it should have collapsed in on itself. This sounds an awful lot like Hubbard's view that says that absense of admiration is the only thing that permits persistence. Or perhaps putting it a better way: the universe only exists as long as Theta looks at it.

Does this make sense? If does, any thought you can share about it?

This iteration of the Physical Universe has only been around about 13.8 billion years.  Theta has been around a lot longer than that, and so have universes of all shapes, kinds and sizes.  All are composed of matter and energy in space persisting through time.  By now, the laws of "persistence," (understood in physics as the conservation of energy/matter) are pretty well established, and the condition of as-is-ness is rare, indeed.

But in a way, you actually have it backwards.  The physical universe persists to the degree theta is NOT perceiving it - at least not perceiving it as it is (since that would result in as-is-ness.)  All matter is mis-owned, forgotten, mis-attributed, alter-ised mass and energy originally created by theta and then denied or disavowed by theta - and it's been going on so long, it's been responsible for the creation of multiple universes.

There's a theory in physics that this universe resulted when two other universes (in different dimensions) touched or collided, liberating a vast amount of energy.  There's lots of other theories as well, most of which are essentially silent pre-big-bang.

I've played with a number of theories, including that the ongoing misownership of the creations of theta is essentially dark energy/matter, which is what is causing the ongoing acceleration of the expansion of this physical universe.  Hey - could be, no?

But I refrain from drawing any conclusions, absent full data, which I and everyone lacks.

But as to this latest idea that the universe "should have collapsed in on itself" right after the Big Bang, even the physicist who cooked it up is pretty sure he's just failing to take something very important into account.  He just doesn't know what it is.  And I'm sure I don't know what it is, either.


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