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Scientology/Viewpoint to assume (continued)


Id like to continue the previous discussion entitled, "viewpoint to assume". You said:

"How it places one low on the scale escapes me.  A person could have ill intent and want to keep secrets and manipulate people, but that is a characteristic of the person, not of the Tone Scale.

You could attend Dale Carnegie courses and learn things about good manners, making people comfortable and being a good salesman.  Does that make you sneaky or prepared to manipulate people with corrupt intent?  No. It makes you conscious of the ways in which people tell you how they are feeling about something, and makes you better at relating to people.

Same with the Tone Scale, only more accurate.  It's not the fact that a tool exists that "places one at a low level on the scale."  It would be the fact that one was low on the scale that would impel one to misuse WHATEVER knowledge one had, be it knowledge of the tone scale, Dale Carnegie courses, martial arts, driving skill, makeup artistry, etc.  Does the fact that engraving and printing tools and inks exist cause a person to counterfeit?  Does that fact that knives exist turn one into a murderer?  Does having political or financial power mean that abuse of same is inevitable?

ANY ability you have can be used for good or ill.  One studies Scientology with an eye toward the good, because those are the purposes for which it was developed.  If you use it for ill, you will ultimately suffer the consequences, just because that is how the universe, and thetans, work.

And if you are raising someone's tone, there is nothing secret going on.  They are fully aware you are trying to "make them feel better" or "get them over their anger" or "cheer them up."

And if their tone is higher, you don't know WHAT they will do - only that it will be more constructive than if their tone were lower."

End quote

I disagree that they are fully aware you are trying to "make them feel better", because you can formulate your own words and reality with the use of the ARC triangle in order to GET agreement. If you don't like basketball and pretend to love it for the sake of raising agreement, does this not make someone 1.1 at the tone scale, and officially not authentic to ones own reality? Then simply knowing this scale puts one at responsibility of using it correctly to better humanity at the expense of your own authentic self reality. I feel it necessary to pretend agreement sometimes as my responsibility to raise humainities tone. Maybe using it this way is a wrong idea. Do you pretend to like something and continue communication as a OT?

It is not necessary to pretend or lie to raise another's tone.  In fact, you should not do it.

"...simply knowing this scale puts one at responsibility of using it correctly to better humanity..."   Yes.

"... at the expense of your own authentic self reality."  No.

Reality can never be raised through lies and pretense.

One raises reality by LOCATING, not PRETENDING, points of agreement.  


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