chuck as i am rehabilitating myself to master class in the englisn language one dictionary comes to mind called 'collins cobuild by sinclair'  it gives meanings for every word by giving sentences and including the word within the context of the definition in other words how the actual word fits in the sentence in terms of definition  whats your perspectives by recomending the right dictionary or is collind cobuild the right one?  please advise allways a pleasure to email you chucky  val

Hello Val,

I used to always spend a little time reading the full Oxford English Dictionary, just for their thoroughness.

You can get their old two volume edition of the 1980s, for cheap usually.  If you need a hardback best all time English dictionary.  

Their definitions are the best, and their sentences are quotes from actual usages of the word you look up.   So they quote all sorts of excellent usages of the word, from actual English history and the greatest writers in the English Language.

Treat the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) as something to treasure and enjoy, I took my use of it as sort of a pleasurable word vacation!  Their 1989 onwards editions are today's gold standard dictionary.  

Words are not some terrifying thing.

See the joy in using words accurately, not like something you will be punished for not understanding or misusing.  Hubbard's Scientology rules penalizing (up to SP declare) misunderstanding words in Scientology contexts, is obscenely wrong and hurts intellectual growth.  I dumped ALL Hubbard Scientology word clearing rules and penalties, when I left Scientology, and greatly increased my literacy using only my curiosity as my 'study tech.'

Reading is a joy, and learning how to describe things accurately is a joy!

My favorite, the OED.

Next favorite, Merriam Webster's College, 3rd or 4th (whatever is the latest edition) that's the only home hardback dictionary I use today.  

Next favorite BIG dictionary, is the Unabridged Merriam Webster's Dictionary, the usually biggest American single dictionary, it has always excellent sentences for each definition, but not like the OED does (the OED is forever the best dictionary of English and will never be surpassed, so much time was put into the OED).

I today, when using the internet, just cursor select the word or words to look up, and then search the internet for the definition, and live with whatever definition seems to suit the word I just looked up.

I don't ever use, today, a separate hardback dictionary.   The ones I have there in my apartment, the hardback dictionaries, are all Merriam Websters.

Chuck Beatty


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