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this is in response to the last person who questioned you about you parodying as an expert and attacking it at the same time   pay no attention to it  as you talk out of experience subject to your many years of dedication at the sea's interesting to allways know from birds eye view which is why i allways email you because you are intelligent sincere and very upbeat in the name of honesty and integrity and to you i take my hat of  it is not allways in life you get people who are that open  but can i ask you how you felt about the last person who emailed you the criticsm?  val

Dear Val,


The last person has a valid point.  AllExperts mainly wishes expert answers on parts of subjects.

You did ask my opinion, here and there, true, so some of my frank opinions are not in keeping with someone who wishes others to do the Scientology practices.

Possibly all I'd have to do to satisfy this person's point, is to have refused to give you my opinion to your questions about the usefulness and did I recommend this or that Scientology practices, since that might just be a very valid zone of answers an "expert" should NOT give.

I was also thinking of some of the "top" intellectuals, who describe the ongoing top points of Scientology like one of Germany's editor/journalists in discussing Scientology, mentioned he would not recommend his children get involved.

That even, was something that might be not what scholars do, but the "fad" of the world is against Scientology, and even some of the top intellectuals just are giving their opinions of Scientology, and that is irrelevant to whether this or that part of Scientology is true or effective.

Subjective truths of Scientology are real and treasured by active Scientologists, and the critical comments on my recent negative opinions on Scientology didn't also mention this fact that Scientologists will swear that Scientology's helped their lives, which they do swear it has!

So in that vein the person chiding me, was correct.



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