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you have any answers as to why there is fear to learn and improve more my life i have come across some people who have talent of enormity but fear like an obstacle is too concrete and high to pass over to champion life with successes in carrer sport and other dreams ..i turn to you incase you have an answer   maybe scientology related or through your own  or anothers personel experience that blocked their way path to achieving more  i fear sometimes chuck when i know there is some improvement then all of a sudden my gains kind of dissipate in thin air and i end up in such a state of disparity? and i don't know why that is?   i think the primary rundown by hubbard comes to mind or maybe that is not what you agree on and so i like to ask you your thoughts?  val

Dear Val,

Honestly, I am not an expert on this problem.

Regarding is Scientology offering some solutions, they say they have a number of solutions.

They'd give you a "Life Repair" program of short auditing, and they'd likely then move you to do more and the regular "Grade Chart".

If you had the money, you could go to Flag, and ask for the "Student Booster Rundown".

If that didn't work, and it seemed like you "roller-coastered" (lost your gains after a while), they'd offer you the PTS Handling, first study the PTS issues, and do a simple "3 May PL" interview, asking for who is the person that is "suppressing" your gains, and your finding just the individual in your life who appears to you to be most against your solving your life's problems, would supposedly help you.   

PTS handling aims at you dealing with, or disconecting from, the person(s) who are against you getting better.

I cannot offer expert help, but it sounds like psychological counseling might be better, you'd have to shop around for that, I'm not expert on how you do that, but searching on the internet for reputable counseling, by a professional, if that is not too costly, is an option I'd recommend over doing the Scientology "handlings".

Primary Rundown, you can do this all by yourself, no need to do it, just start looking up the words, keep track of the words you look up, and even if you repeat looking up some works several times accidentally, you will notice this yourself and cease clearing words you already have cleared!   I don't recommend the Study Tapes particularly, rather look up words that you are curious about!

I've done the Primary Rundown up to about Study Tape 6 or 7, and then Key to Life came out, and Primary Rundown wasn't pushed, and instead Key to Life was pushed, which I did, and I never completed my own Primary Rundown.   I favored the Study Tapes over Key to Life, in terms of study methods.  Although no one's done a real professional dissection of Hubbard's Study Tapes, to show how good they compare to the other study methods.

Today, with the internet, you can search Google or YouTube and find just about any piece of knowledge, and read and watch how others do things!

Hubbard didn't focus on curiosity, but the closest Hubbard came to what I today think is the biggest thing to focus on, he called it "study intetion", asking what is your intention to study.   I think your curiosity should be your guide!   

Study what you wish to study, for your own curiosity and desire to read or watch or study something, something you want to study or learn or read or entertain yourself with it!



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