what is the most worst conditions about the sea organization and what do you know personnely about david miscavige?  val

I think I could only provide firsthand moments I happened to have observed when I was in his presence.

That would take some description to fully explain.

I've interacted with him personally only a few times in my life.

First when he was 16 years old, when he first joined the Sea Org, was at Clearwater in the Commodores Messenger Org there, in 1977 I believe.  It might have been 1976.   I was on the FSO (Flag Service Org) TTC (Tech Training Corps, the in house group of staff who were doing full time training to be on technical positions in the Flag Service Org which is the delivery church of Scientology in Clearwater the supposed "Mecca").

Miscavige and his older brother Ronnie Jnr, and Bill Dendieu were all in the CMO there at Flag at that time.   We had "exercise time", meaning us TTC members and the CMO, just happened to have similar "exercise time" slots, where we were allowed 30 minutes of exercise to play "team games" and volley ball was briefly the popular "team game" that staffs would play during the "exercise time".

So, my interaction was first with the young David Miscavige a few years before he went on to rise to the big cheese "Brigham Young" role he is playing today.

He was the shortest person on the volley ball court, extremely energetic, his older brother and Bill Dendieu were two extremely upbeat guys, both frankly more athletic that the smaller David, especially Ronnie Jnr who was a gymnast in high school or college, Ronnie was extremely good, he's the type of guy who could launch himself into the air and do a kick split like gymnasts can.

David just from his running toward the game to join in, and during the time he played the game, which was not official volley ball, we cheated, like it was joking around type of volley ball playing, not so serious, even though the male and female mixed teams, if you've played mixed volley ball, sometimes there are sticklers, and then there will be guys just trying to have fun, and there will be clashes on whether this or that volley ball rule was violated.   

Anyways, I always could play all official, but I also liked to play the style of just having fun and have some laughs.  

When our game descended into the "for laughs" style, some of us guys would cheat by pulling the net down before spiking it, making our spiking easier.

We on both sides, the two CMO best players were Ronnie Jnr and Dendieu, would do it, but I think I may have started the pull the net down method, to sort of show that the game could be fun to David, since he was too short to spike effectively without his hand just slapping the net horribly, which is a violation.   The fun style solution is just with your other hand tug the net down, and then spike without your spiking hand striking the net and avoid that violation, but of course the tugging the net down is a gross violation all it's own.

Anyways,this is just a story of what happened, by osmosis that happens in games, the fudging of the rules in unprofessional games, intramural games like would be seen, this was even worse, this was more just a little above schoolyard or backyard volley ball, it was so in violation of official volley ball it's kind of just above street games where local rules are made.

Tugging down the net was something David did maybe twice, and in the game where at least 3 of us, me, Ronnie Jnr and Dendieu were all doing, so David cheating at volley ball was factually part of the moral code of us having that style game.

I observed him play along.

Then towards the end, before the end, and we were not even finishing any of our games to completion, we were just hitting the ball back and forth, and really not even keeping count of the score, David just left the game and ran off to lunch, he was bored basically.

I've read this is his style, if he's bored, he's out of that extracurricular activity at the snap of his fingers, if he's bored he's gone from that activity.

He was too short to be official good at volleyball, so cheating and lowering the rules of the game, would be the only way volley ball would be fun, if the others playing it, allowed the rules to be bent, which we did, but he still appeared bored, and took off from the game.

I got two more incidents, both about 20 years later.   I didn't see him do anything illegal though.   Just seen him in passing, once he was talking to lawyers on the phone in the office we had set up for him in ASI, another time we passed while he was going to get his haircut and the barber came to ASI which at that moment was where David was to get his hair cut.

Maybe you can jog my memory, there would be times I wasn't in his direct presence, that I might know of something that might be supportive that David is engaging in some violation of corporate violation, like the ASI to CSI corporate line crossing, I don't know about corporate laws, but for instance I did comply with an order sent to me from a CSI employee, to remove some ASI traffic from LRH to the COB ASI position, off of the ASI computers, and I drove a standalone computer with the ASI LRH traffic to the CSI computer room at Int Base, and I was ordered to remove the ASI COB LRH traffic off of the ASI computers, but I didn't comply, since I believed that the COB ASI traffic should remain on the ASI computers for ethical reasons, I was following LRH's policy which I know very well, so I knowingly violated the David Miscavige order and instead I followed LRH's policy.

Chuck Beatty

PS:  You asked about the worse conditions of the Sea Org.   I'm a somewhat educated western person, and nothing in my 27 years in the Sea Org comes close to the poverty conditions of over a billion people on earth.  "Worse conditions" would only be considered bad, from our western civilization standards.   From world standards, Sea Org member dire conditions, even any moment of my 7 years on the RPF does not compare to the extreme poverty and dire conditions right this second in the poverty stricken areas of slums around the poorest largest cities on earth.  


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