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Hey Laurie,

As always, I hope this finds you well. A question for you about being a problem solver. I love problems. I have an affinity for solving them. I don't want to be a hero I just want to be a good person as I've experienced others being that for me. Ron Hubbard was also a problem solver. Perhaps a HUGE one. but I feel like he died so young. It's a bit heart-breaking for me to know that I may never meet the man who's had such a huge influence on me. But I am grateful at the same time.

So I guess my question is: do you think there can be negative health consequences to being a problem solver? In light of ideas such as "you get what you concentrate on", does being a problem solver ensure that you are only going to be faced with problems or is there another way to view this way of approaching life?

Human survival consists of solving problems.

"Being a problem solver" means surviving.

It is entirely possible to be fixated on solving problems to the point that no amount of problems is ever enough for one, and one begins to see and "solve" problems that don't exist, create problems where there are none in order to have something to do, try to solve problems that are none of their business, etc.  This will tend to over-stress a person and make them sick.

Sanity is, in part, accurate estimation of what obstacles stand in one's way (what problems exist) and how to overcome them (what the optimum solutions for them are), and applying the right kind and amount of effort to make progress.

So without knowing the actual situation in each case, its impossible to know whether a person is being appropriate or going overboard.

People come to me to solve problems, because I readily perceive and construct solutions.  I do not seek out problems to solve, because life hands me plenty to keep me busy.

Optimum survival is setting goals and purposes and recognizing and solving the problems that stand in the way of achieving these.  Often, things perceived by humans as problems are actually OWN counter-intentions.  In such a case, letting go of the counter-intention causes the "problem" to vanish.

So if you are not solving problems, you are not surviving.

If you are solving problems that don't need to be solved, or are not yours to solve, you are impeding your own survival.  


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