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in the circumstances i am in if you were in it would you have no problem about moving from a lets say reasonably large accomodation to something that may be 25% smaller ,would it bother you if you had to take that step if all else had failed and the drug dealers carried on misbehaving senselessly ...whatis you perspectives on this ...val

I read at one of the police stations I visited for my job, I have to inspect gas meters in buildings, and while at one of the many police stations I have to go to, I read here in Pittsburgh, a little sign about anonymous Drug tipping.  If a person here in that neighborhood witnesses drugs activity, they can call the police.

End of advice, ask and re-ask your police!

If that does not work, you can also contact your political representative, like your House of Commons representative for your area!!!!!

Politicians are supposed to respond to these types of problems, if the police are doing nothing about the drugs activity and you as a citizen feel unsafe!!!

Complain to your Member of Parliament!!


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