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It strikes me as a bit odd that you parade as an expert on Scientology only to put it down and speak against it. I've experienced dismay with religions too but I don't spend my time waging war against them.  Do you get off on the idea of other people experiencing your negativity? Surely that can't be the philosophy which trumps Scientology, so what is it?

Let's take the RPF, the Rehabilitation Project Force.  If you read sufficiently about the details of it, policy by policy, year by year, I've written pretty moderately about it.   The food scene in the final 6 years I ate on the RPF, was better than the food my parent served me, and I said so.  At only less than half a dozen times, was I fed "beans and rice" or "scraps" as was the experience of others during other years on the RPF they witnessed.

My views are very much apologetic when you take them on a whole.

And I'm just candid about my conclusions, more recently, and on that score you are particially right, I'm dismissive.

If a person wishes to dismiss Scientology, I'll tell you the best books and authors who've made dismissive statements, most all of those conclusions I agree with today.

If a person wishes to know detailed L. Ron Hubbard justifications or policy details, I'll dig up in a sort of authoritative devil's advocate mindset, and urge researchers to PLEASE read what Hubbard, in particular, his FINAL years of public domain writings which are mostly quite extensively and sometimes still not publicly mentioned, final red and green volumes' writings.

The Ron's Journals of the final years, ought to be given a whole paper on themselves.

I have thought a full thorough view of Scientology from LRH's eyes still needs to be done.

A person reading even Hubbard's final thoughts on himself and his accomplishments, might still come to the harshest conclusions, though, of the most dismissive harsh critical authors have already come to conclude (Gardner, Arthur C. Clarke, Russell Miller, John Sweeney).

Some of us like to encourage the participants to speak freely the details of their times.

I also wish all the pro Scientology first hand participants to tell history details.

When I started to answer "allexperts" questions some 6 or so years ago, I did so to counter and fill in just more history details, and face the critical questions, and fill in the details that otherwise Scientology would official dodge those hard critical questions.

The pro side of Scientology, well do like the official movement urges all new people, read it for yourself.

I don't advise you spend money in their churches, but buy their books for 99 cents or 1.99 on amazon, save your money, or go to the library and read the Hubbard books there.

The orgs are designed to get and keep you on the Bridge.   Better to read a lot yourself, study the internet, listen to the testimonies of the larger population of quitter Scientologists (former members) who mention all the mainline controversies.

And better to read Janet Reitman's "Inside Scientology", and read  Lawrence Wright's "Going Clear..." and then read the material in those two books' bibliographies, to branch out and see all the material on the internet and other great books.

Still, from Scientology's setup, that will get you pulled into one of their churches, and they try to keep you there!  Moving up the Hubbard "Bridge to Total Freedom".

I think today, though, that the whole Hubbard shebang ought be sidestepped, or if you do go their route, then be knowledgeable enough to get yourself out before you tie yourself into their penalty system (disconnection).

I used to advise some members in the system who called me, how to use the Hubbard Ethics/Justice options to their success within the system.

Today, the big new option is to utilize the Freezone and Independent Scientology practitioners who are far less demanding of your time and dedication to the subject.

I would gladly like to see more Freezone and Independent Scientologists on AllExperts!

You're right, though, the Hubbard full service system of official Scientology, I don't recommend anyone do that system.   I don't recommend the freezone people, not unless people phone and ask me, then I tell them how to search for them on the internet.  

The only freezone group that to me might not consider themselves a religion, but who act decently as a group, is the Ron's Org group of Max Hauri.   Even though some "standard" Scientologists think Max is "squirrely" due to the Ron's Org people doing "upper levels" which are not originally from Hubbard, still the way the people in Ron's Org treat each other and the public around them seems much saner than the walled off world that official Scientologists are forced to live within.

I'm able to give detailed info like the above, and if you wish to google the names of the people I've mentioned, you can find out for yourself!

Ask me about the details of the RPF, I lived a period of 7 years total of it, and will be glad to answer questions.

Also, for researchers, I would tell them gladly the list of freezone and independent Scientologists who speak more freely, like the center in Israel, the training course room in Georgia, people like Tom Martiniano, Jim Logan, and other recent quitters of official Scientology are very much "as good or better" than official Scientologists in terms of delivery of the Hubbard pseudo-therapy and exorcism, if you really think this is your cup of tea!

I'll tell and give people the emails and how to search them and find out their options, should you wish to get OT 5 and the Ls.   Trey Lotz is out there, Pierre Ethier is out there, offering the highest levels of Scientology to people if they want those high levels.

Even the original "SuperPower" material can be found and people who are familiar with the delivering of that stuff, are findable if you hunt for them.

Do I support the stuff, no, you're right, I just know of it, and know the people doing it, and mostly the ones outside of official Scientology in my opinion were nicer people!


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I will answer questions about the Sea Organization and administrative internal atmosphere in the Sea Organization from 1975 until 2003, the 27 year period I was part of the Sea Organization.


I was an adminstrative training supervisor for church staff, and I worked compiling checklists of administrative duties for church staff. I also spent almost 7 years on the Church of Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force, and will answer questions about my time on the RPF and how it worked while I was on it.

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