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QUESTION: Hello Laurie. I have a question about the ARC triangle. To increase the affinity with someone and have him more in my space, can I talk about other realities that would raise communication?

The story is this guy at my work just got the job. Hes very arrogant, and rude. He even wanted to fight me over a disagreement at work. Thats not part of my reality. Now i dont want him in my space, at all. I told the boss about this, and he talked to him. He continues to do covert acts towards me now. Like spraying cleaner all over my coffee cup lid. Now I dont like him even more for these obvious reasons. However, we used to talk about aquariums and we both have one, so that was good agreement. So that brings me to my question, can i raise arc by talking about aquariums and ignore those facts i disagree with?

Thanks again

ANSWER: It sounds like that might be a reasonable entry point.

It's worth a try...

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QUESTION: What's your opinion about this person?  But  one of my main concerns is if talking about previous agreements would allow him to get less hostile towards me or would this just increase hostility. He says snide things like when I ask, "where is the boss?", and he replies, "gone obviously". My goal is to get him back to normal again. How would you handle such a person?

I'm not in a position to have an opinion about the person, without direct observation.

If he's being "snide," that sounds 1.1, and the way to control a person's attention and mood is to communicate a half-tone to a full tone above them - so 1.5 to 2.0 or so.  Maybe pick things he might naturally feel angry or antagonistic about, and share his anger or antagonism toward those things.  Then bring him up to boredom about the same topics, etc.  You can probably begin to introduce shared realities (aquarium stuff or whatever) from about boredom on up.

I can't really give you an instruction booklet.  You have to respond to the person in front of you.  And only you can do that.


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