in prison of sea org is there more to just isolation and making the inmates eat what would make a billy goat puke ..what i am implying is simply is there more to it like the work of dictatership of the middle east like torturing and slapping and kicking with the very least keeping the inmates awake all night ....please explain  p.s. do they take your paassports of you ,i believe they have no right to do that  thanks  val

Yes they tell you to turn over your ID cards and Passport, and also they tell you to turn over your cash, leaving you no more than usually 20 dollars.   They have had RPF members escape, and taking their ID or Passport and all of their money except 20 dollars or less, is a prevention.

RPF issues explaining the Rehabilitation Project Force, say it is a program to reform a fallen Sea Org member.   It's a redemption program which intends to "clean up" a Sea Org member who has done wrong.  

The Sea Org is like the nuns and monks category of the Catholic church.   The Sea Org has its own Rehabilitation Project Force set of rules for the RPF members to follow, which are long and online just Google "RPF rules" and that should lead to the issues that tell of the rules.  


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I was an adminstrative training supervisor for church staff, and I worked compiling checklists of administrative duties for church staff. I also spent almost 7 years on the Church of Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force, and will answer questions about my time on the RPF and how it worked while I was on it.

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