Hey Laurie,

I read your recent post about psych meds and I really enjoyed it. My question is about marijuana as it relates to the church's view on the psychoeffect it possesses.

I've smoked it many times and have confessed this to the church. I am currently on the SRD and happy about it but I always feel like your past takes a toll on you no matter what.

Marijuana has psychoactive components that make you feel more in tune with life because that's really all anyone, being that everyone constantly seeks to improve the entirety of the eight dynamics, wants.

I've tried diabetic auditing, about 15-20 hours of it. And got absolutely nothing from it. However, everything else I've experienced in scientology has been positive.

So ultimately I am a believer. I guess I just wanted to know what you thought about this.

You have to be completely off of marijuana for at least six weeks to benefit from auditing.

A heavy chronic user is going to have less mental acuity late in life.

Moderate use for the first half of life doesn't seem to really make a permanent impact in my view.


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