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Dear friend,
WOuld Scientology allow me to take lithium for my well documented bipolar symptoms? I ask this because lithium is a salt so it would be natural

The amounts of lithium in a "therapeutic" dose are nothing anywhere close to natural for the human body.  The amount of lithium that naturally occurs in the human body is so infinitesimal as to be virtually undetectable.  Sea water is "natural" too, but ingesting much of it is sure to kill you.

Psychoactive medications of every kind alter the natural state of the nervous system to the point where Scientology auditing is not possible.

Due to some rather dramatic (not to say catastrophic) failures by Scientologists in attempts to help psychiatric patients in the past, firm policy was adopted that persons are not permitted to participate in Scientology while under the care of a psychiatrist.  Further, as stated above, it is technically impossible for a person on lithium (or any psychoactive medication) to derive any benefit from auditing.  If you have been on it long enough, and under the care of a psychiatrist long enough, you might never be eligible for auditing.  

You might be eligible for training.  You might be able to receive assists and objective processing.  You are permitted to attend Sunday services, lectures, tape plays and other such public events.  You are free to read the books.

But Scientology was never developed technically to the level of sophistication that would have been necessary to handle psychiatric patients with auditing.

I'm sorry.

You may derive benefit from reading the books and doing the exercises in some of them which are intended for a person to do on their own.


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