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as you know i am from the city of birmingham in uk  and the local scientology org had purchased a mansion in the outskirts of the village of moseley astonishingly over 7 years ago and they still have not moved in and it might be looking as they would need mountains of money for the upkeeping, salaries to much much more to run a mansion of that size no matter the extent of tax exemptions they will need millions for rennovations aswell and so costs are way way too high...history will tell you that not even a single org succedded ...what knowledge you know of about locating scientology in outskirts of anywhere need more then 100 people who are taking fulltime training and auditing in any given week,you need over a hundered scientologists actively giving services,you need to sell more then 250 books every single week...experts cannot see birmingham surviving and may shrink to a very very small tiny org like it once was ...what are your thoughts on that chuck?  val

Dear Val,

You are right in all your criticism of the Birmingham Scientology church business.

Because Scientology does not really give back to society in the way other legitimate churches do, in terms of helping the poor, what happens is the staff of a Scientology church are instead focused only on public people who will give money to Scientology.

They don't focus on helping the poor.

Scientology's focus on getting money from people in exchange for Scientology's "spiritual" services, it's a selling of spiritual improvement operation.

Books lead, supposedly, to informed new spiritual clients who will pay for the Scientology services (the step by step steps in the L. Ron Hubbard lineup of Scientology spiritual services).

Scientology only does things for free when it's cheap and gets them PR they can show their followers who think then Scientology is like other traditional religions, when it of course is not.   It's not because Scientology does no major spending on free meals or constant regular help to the poor.

The quotas that even Scientology/Hubbard set for his own churches to reach, to be successful in his eyes, you are right, they don't meet even Hubbard's quotas.

In truth, all Scientology ends up doing, is focusing on the more wealthy dupe followers to keep their buildings and operation going.   

If you did a pie chart of the Scientology staff members' focus, the fundraising to keep themselves going is always the highest priority part of them.

Their buildings in effect only are there to get the more wealthy in society who are interested in their own personal troubles.

Their buildings also give their membership in your city a place to go for their 6 events they hold yearly (New Years, Hubbard's Birthday, Dianetics book anniversary, Summer Freewinds Ship video event, Auditor's Day, IAS Event).   (Dec/Jan, March 13th, May 9th,  July, Sept, Oct)

Their buildings put them supposedly on the map, so that the wealthier people can at least find them, and for the members to have a place to go to do the lower Scientology services.

When and if the members get "Clear" and want to do the exorcism part of Scientology, they have to go to the continental regional churches to get their "Clear" status validated and do their exorcism of the dead space alien souls that infest all of them.



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