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where can i go to get my hands on the mysterious ot levels i know there are places chuck?  val

Dear Val,

The mysterious OT Levels are on WikiLeaks.

Just Google search WikiLeaks  and then when you are on WikiLeaks then search for Scientolgy and then search for NOTs.

My suggestion is read  what is called NOTs Introduction 0. Bulletin.

NOTs Introduction 0 bulletin explains the different states of "body thetans."

I will gladly simplify things after you have read this NOTs Introduction 0 bulletin.

Scientology believes in the soul.

Basically the soul lives countless lives.  Think of past and future lives but include science fiction like advanced space civilizations in our past and that in the future we will live in advanced civilizations in our lives to come.

Hubbard's Scientology therapy is supposedly clearing up our spiritual cases so we can become ESP powerful soul astronauts.

Hubbard's Scientology says that zillions of years ago we used to be powerful ESP capable soul astronauts but we have decayed to these dumb and mentally debilitated human beings that we find ourselves today.

In this context the secret levels of Scientology are the exorcism levels df Scientology.

What is on WikiLeaks are thus the theory of why we must even do Hubbard' exorcism.

I'll simplify this after you check out the secret stuff on WikiLeaks.

Have fun.

Chuck Beatty


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