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"2 In the beginning and forever is the decision and the decision is TO BE."

I'm confused as to the beginning of what? Of birth? Of everything?

"3 The first action of beingness is to assume a viewpoint"
How does assuming a viewpoint make it an action of beingness? Can you exsplain this one I don't really understand it.

"4 The second action of beingness is to extend from the viewpoint, points to view, which are dimension points."

What are dimension points? Can you exsplain this one too?

In the beginning of everything theta decided (and decides to be)

Theta is the basis of all existence and, absent theta, nothing exists.

Theta assumed/assumes a viewpoint - it decides on the idea of a fixed "base of operations," a point from which to view, a location.  Theta natively has no mass no motion, no wavelength, no position in time or space.  It has the ability to postulate and to perceive.  In order to seem to have position, it must assume it - decide on the idea that "I will be at this point, here."

Having done so, theta can create space.  It does so by creating physical points in space which are at locations other than itself.  These create dimension, and so are dimension points.  A single point in addition to the viewpoint can create one dimension - a line intersecting the viewpoint and dimension point - and can alter scale along that line, the distance from the viewpoint to the dimension point, moving the dimension point closer and farther (reaching and withdrawing).  By mocking up another point not on the line created by the first point, a second dimension can be created.  Now there is such a thing as a plane.  By mocking up a third point not on the plane of the first two, three dimensions exist, or space.  Within space, theta can add more dimension points a move them to create energy or aggregate them to create mass, and by making changes with them, theta creates time.

These are just my rough thoughts.  They are NOT source, and are not the same as something Ron has written, though they are based on his writings and lectures.  They are my own ideas and should not be interpreted as authoritative relative to the theory of Scientology.  They are just my ideas.


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