is it jealousy when people talk nasty and in constant deial are these people in realality also is it jealousy when you get alot of attention are they also jealous when they feel sorry  and guilty because because they wernt there for someone else

I'm sorry.  Without the details of the interactions between the people involved, I can't possibly evaluate this.  People say mean and nasty things for any number of reasons, so one can't just assume what the motivation is.  Further, feeling "guilty" or "sorry" (how does one know someone feels this way?  Did they say so?) is rarely connected to jealousy.  "Weren't there for someone else..." how does one know this is the source of a person's feelings or guilt or sorrow?  Did they say so?  Again, this would almost certainly have nothing to do with jealousy.  Did someone make another wrong or try to MAKE them feel guilty because they "weren't there" for another even if, in fact, there were valid reasons they didn't know they were needed, or could not be present because of other commitments?  In such a case, jealousy would be the LEAST possible motive for feeling bad.  More likely, the bad feelings would come from the unjustified accusations of someone who wanted them to feel bad.

So, you see, I know literally NOTHING about the actual circumstances, who did what and who said what, so it is impossible for me to offer an opinion.


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