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question 1,friends in scientology told me that they often as singles were babysitting fellow scientology members their babys and were refering to it as helping the  second dynamic.but was it the second or third?
question2 you told me second dynamic is my second dynamic but still i fell like there is a seperation between my own second dynamic -lets say as a husband with a wife and their Children-with there parents siblings and extensial family,what seperates them?i may have lousy stats with my extensional family but with my own Nuclear family great stats.or no????

Babysitting for friends would be a 2nd and 3rd dynamic contribution.  The dynamics are not isolated from each other.  They contribute to and exchange with each other.

The 2nd dynamic is a general drive (toward creativity, procreation, family).  One may be more successful in some areas of it than others (just as a person might be great at work but terrible at socializing - both 3rd dynamic activities), but the important thing is whether one's success in ANY given area improves over time.


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