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Scientology/i am ilias friend with the multiple sclerosis he talked about


i take once a mouth cortizon and every day two pills fampyra and i allready took two cortizon treatments,is it ok?what are the absolute no no s of medicine?thank you,the multiple sclerosis is affecting me negative in my 1 2 and 3 dynamic and i am in a point that i dont enjoy the normal hapiness that a healthy person feels and i feel inferrior less than a man,i know that u are not a god but please tell me what should i do how to react and if there is any change to fix this proplem because i have tryed it with NED AUTITING for aprox 3 years and unfotunetely the results are a big fucking zero and actually i am worst than before allmost a crippled so as u see my life changes in a dramtic way and unfortunately nobody could so far help me and i am pissed off realy with no results from autiting and because i have stopped autiting with no results and not knowing why i stopped autiting without any results and any knowingness and answers and after so many years i got one answer from the CS that i should do again purif and objectives and i am telling u this ironicakky how should i do this ?with moving my fucking hands and sweating in the sun?after 20 years in scientology and 10 years as a stuff member i just dont want to do anything more.forgive but that wasnt what i was expecting from scientology,i have read 3 times book one and i did new era dianetics and the results are hundered times less as l ron subscribed it.I would like to tell you more but i  thing for first time is enouph sinds the editing is made by my friend ilias daridis cause my eenglish are not so good.thats why i would ask u your answers to be as much possible simple.thang you very much anyway...

It is not possible for me to tell you what to do or how to act or feel.

You should follow medical advice.  In particular, if the Fampyra helps your walking (it helps about 1/3 of patients, per the literature), I believe no one should tell you to stop it.  If it does not help your walking, I don't know why a doctor would prescribe it.  It is known to promote bladder infections in some people.  Garlic, Rosemary and cranberry might help prevent bladder infections.

Fampyra permits your nerve cells to retain potassium.  Therefore it is not a neuroleptic, and should not be an obstacle to auditing.  Good nerve conduction is necessary for successful auditing.  Cortizone, likewise, should not affect auditing.

Auditing is for spiritual gain.  It is NOT for addressing medical conditions.  Period.  It must NOT be undertaken for the purpose of addressing medical conditions.  Scientology and Dianetics are not for curing disease and must not be employed in an attempt to cure disease.  If auditing helps your attitude or your manner of coping with your life problems, then good.  That's what it is for.  If it does not help your MS, this is not a surprise.  It is not for that.  Don't imagine that it is.

According to the best medical science presently known, MS is an incurable progressive disease.  There is nothing in Scientology to contradict the best medical science in this regard.  Stress makes it worse.  To the degree you can reduce stress and otherwise support your general physical health through nutrition, exercise to the degree possible and targeted medical support, It would seem to me you are doing everything that can be done for the condition.


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