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Hi laurie,

I have recently undergone some psychic like change after reading the power of now and i have to say it wasnt good for the most part. I also read and finished the book: dianetics modern science to mental health and have even enrolled into a co-audit course in hopes to go clear. My question is what were the changes you expernced through auditing? Ive only been audited twice for an hour each and i just want to hear it from someone else about this besides the people who are working with me.

The changes I experienced through auditing are too numerous to mention.  Keep in mind I have done lots and lots of auditing, spanning nearly two decades, so that's a lot of change.  Very briefly, I experienced:

Loss of physical pain and painful emotion stemming from having past incidents "re-stimulated" by present circumstances, influences or events.  Clarity of mind.

Better ability to communicate, about anything, with anyone.

Better ability to solve problems, and not be beset with problems.  Loss of needless worries and fears.

Loss of inappropriate feelings of guilt and shame, self-criticism, self-punishment, self limitation; and greater ability to reach out comfortably to make things happen.

Better ability to tolerate, accept, use change.

Ability to be right and to allow others to be right, without having to contest it, prove it, get upset about it.  More ability to love others and to accept love.

Greater feelings of space, peace, personal certainty, etc.  Ability to "take charge."

Certainty of self, and of my own existence as a spiritual being, and my relationship with the universe.

Those are some general categories of things I have experienced.  The first item above is the one I achieved with Dianetic auditing.


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