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Hi Laurie,

Thanks for being available to answer questions about Scientology.

On the official Scientology web site there is a page entitled "What is meant by Operating Thetan (OT)?" On that page it says that an Operating Thetan "can handle things without having to use a body of physical means" and "can handle things and exist without physical support or assistance." This sounds to me like it's saying that someone at the Operating Thetan level can perform tasks in the physical universe without taking any physical action -- say, make an object at the other end of a room come to them without having to go to the object and pick it up with one's hands. [I'm not saying the person can do that specific thing; I'm just using it as an example of what the Scientology site seems to say.] Is that what is meant, or if not, what is meant?

Many thanks -- David

I think it pretty much means what it says. The context of The Factors, however, applies.  Reality is agreement.

Keep in mind, there is no level on the present grade chart that is full OT.  All levels are pre-OT, including OT 8.  There are at least nine more OT levels, as yet unreleased.

Further, to me, at my current level of understanding, I take this to mean that I can handle things using other-than-physical means, because theta is senior to MEST.  This does not mean that I don't have to reach out and grasp a cup and lift it to my lips to drink, but it may mean that, if someone is feeling ill for psychosomatic reasons, I may be able to bring them to feel well without giving them medicines or subjecting them to surgery or chiropractic adjustments - and in some cases, without even speaking to them.  It may mean that if I use a computer, it never screws up - even though it crashes all the time for others.  It may mean that by operating, say, on a "spiritual plane," I might be able to intervene in the case of my dog who had frequent seizures, such that he didn't have them any more.  It might mean I could become aware of where the lost keys are, even though I did not lose them.

But remember, reality is AGREEMENT - and if one does not obtain the agreement of others, one will not change the reality perceived by them.  If everyone for whom the object at the other end of the room exists, is not in agreement that it is moving toward me, it is not moving.  Still, the obtaining of agreement might not always need physical intervention.  An OT would be alert to that possibility.


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