I fell in love with my housing officer and am so besotted with her I want to send her flowers in hope I can crop up in her mind ...I want to win her as I am so much in love ...terribly terribly besotted with her  maybe I can send her a box of chocalates 3 months later ..the idea to make her think about me ...god chuck I'm in love  any ideas   okay I am temporarily unemployed but no one is forever and she is more intelligent professional  but I guess it's more down to her deep down?  you're  good looking man I am average whereas she is decent looking ..any types  what does scientology say and what does your own minds eye say about my situation ..please advise  dillon

Hi Dillon,

L. Ron Hubbard is not one to give good advice in general, thus what he says I would not today advise others to use.

If you insist on believing legitimacy in Hubbard's advice, then the principle most important thing in a relationship is communication compatibility.

If you strike it off well when talking with the person of interest to you, just innately, just on a person to person good immediate communication relation, all by itself, naturally, then Hubbard says that is the best predictor of a successful and good relationship.

He says if you innately communicate with each other well and immediately, if you BOTH enjoy and just seem to sync up, that's the best relationship success predictor.



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