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QUESTION: When finding a persons tone level, is it based on what makes them react? Or based on an effect of some sort? Because some people dont respond to things you say with much reality, why is this? Why wouldnt an angry person get along with someone cheerful besides being too high a tone level? I guess being since their reality levels are too different. It must be then just the reality. Can you change an angry persons reality by communicating to them? Thanks for your help.

ANSWER: The three corners of the ARC triangle move together, up or down.  Emotion is in the Affinity corner, so a person's emotional tone level is their affinity level.  Their communication level and their reality level will track with their affinity level.

The only kinds of communication, or of beingness, doingness and havingness that will be real or acceptable to a person will be those that go along with their affinity level.  The only things real to a person at anger will be those things in keeping with his tone.  A person can usually connect with things at, below, or A LITTLE above their tone.

You know a person's tone by what they, themselves, be, do, and have, not by what they react to.  You can see what all the characteristics are that go along with every tone level in the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation, contained in the book Science of Survival.

You can alter a person's tone by communicating with them at a level just a bit above or below their tone, and they will follow you to match the tone you are manifesting.

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QUESTION: Ok, ive never heard that you can know a persons tone by what they be, do and have. ive read partially Science of survival. It doesnt say as far as i remeber about be, do and have related to tone. So an angry person would tend to be things like a boxer, and a doctor tone 3.0, a criminal 1.1, etcetera? Thats really cool if it follows up as true. I guess an angry person would have things like weapons, guns, right? What about a 1.1? Prank joke books? Would a magician be considered 1.1 because he decieves people?

ANSWER: The Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation should clear this up for you completely.

"Be" does not have to be a profession - and there is no solid 1:1 match to "this profession equals that tone level" or vice-versa.  Almost any profession could accommodate almost any tone.  There are angry boxers, cheerful boxers, sneaky boxers, even (to a point) serene boxers.  Get your hands on the chart.  All will be made clear.

In fact, here's a copy of it:

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QUESTION: Thanks. Yeah i remember that big foldout chart, nearly covered my whole bed, good to refamilarize myself with it again. Im not sure how be can be anything else besides a profession/charachter. What else is there? Be has been a confusing term for me, but i recently made sense of it as it applies to the, "life is a game principle" pertaining to professions. But sometimes i dont want to be what I am. Is tone level a type of beingness?

I feel if i understood the tone scale completely, id be a theta clear, still working on that. :D One thing that came to my mind while reading the chart again, was the fact that a tone 4.0 dislikes to control people. To me this implies controlling another by tone scale use is a bad thing to raise self uptone. I also feel that i need to control a persons tone when downtone in order to stop fearing peoples responses. It would be awesome to stand without fear, terror. Would the use/understanding of the tone scale permanently raise my tone above fear/terror that i would never experience it again? Scientology has been a part of my mind more than 14 years, fascinating this tone scale.

Thanks again

You can "be" a leader, follower, artist, helper, complainer, comforter, athlete, encourager, builder, destroyer, planner, saboteur, giver, taker, etc., etc.

You can also "be" a person who is kind, mean, happy, spiritual, constructive, asinine, smart, stupid, energetic, lazy, clever, creative, negative, hot, fearful, fast, etc., etc.

Both nouns and adjectives help to define or describe beingness, and one's beingness incorporates literally hundreds of qualities that, combined, make a unique package of not only "who" one is, but also "how" one expresses that sense of identity.  A person who is completely cause can be whoever/whatever they want.

A person's emotional tone is an aspect of their beingness.  What they DO, and what they PRODUCE ("have") and the sorts of people and things they collect to themselves ("have") help to reveal to you what their tone (beingness) is.

The aversion to controlling another, when your own tone is high, is not because one does NOT like to exercise control but because one DOES like to allow people their own determinism.  Higher-toned people are actually more capable of starting, changing and stopping things and people (controlling) than lower-toned people.  And, no, "control" is not manipulating tone level.  It's starting, changing and stopping.

A clear or OT is able to comfortably experience/inhabit MORE tone levels, not fewer, than if they were aberrated.


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